Design Thinking: Innovation at the Core of Business Transformation

Design is a must-have. Not an add-on. 

Companies that invest in Innovation understand the relevance of user-centered design and its profound impact on business.

Knowing who your customers are, how they think, and what they want, facilitates the development of more empathetic strategies that contribute to assertive deliveries.

In under 60 minutes, we’ll present the main concepts and tools behind the methodology, focusing on: 

  • How a company's ecosystem is structured

  • What are the challenges that Design Thinking can help solve in this context

  • How to create the elements for change

  • How to manage the transition and observe the ecosystem's reaction

  • How to reinforce change and promote achievement


With over 23 years of experience, MJV Technology & Innovation helps leverage business, foster innovation, and solve business challenges for some of the world’s largest companies.

With offices spread across Europe, the United States, and Latin America, our consultancy has a multidisciplinary team composed of more than 800 professionals, including designers, engineers, anthropologists, data scientists, developers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, and journalists.

Our specialists aim to offer business intelligence to different market segments, proposing innovative solutions. Our DNA carries on collaborative work, Design Thinking, and Agile Mindset, which guide our processes and projects.

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Business Innovation
Development and Implementation of innovative solutions, with the objective of reducing costs, increasing and generating new revenues, in addition to developing new business models.

Professional Outsourcing
Allocation of UX, UI, Marketing and IT Professionals, with the strategic and operational monitoring of MJV, optimizing deliveries.

Digital Strategy
Development and Implementation of corporate strategy and User Experience, placing Digital Transformation as the guiding thread of the business.

Technology Consulting
Development and implementation of personalized services in the areas of Business Analytics, IT, and Internet of Things (IoT).

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November 10th


11:30 am (EST)

Around 60 minutes


This webinar has been designed to highlight the benefits of using Design Thinking for Business Transformation in an increasingly digital world

Free Webinar | November 10th

Along with presenting the Design Thinking framework, we will also discuss our experience of implementing it into the market through sharing relevant Case Studies. We’ll show you how this methodology can positively transform your business, especially when implemented alongside techniques like Agile.

Specialist Speaker

Rebecca Díaz-Atienza

Rebecca leads a team focused on driving innovation through human-centric approaches, aimed at identifying opportunities in current and future scenarios. Rebecca has experience with innovative design, research, strategy, organizational culture, and business transformation. She has supported companies such as Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola in the integration of Agile and Design Thinking methodologies and coached teams in the application of these methodologies for the development of innovative strategic solutions. Rebecca has an M.F.A. in Design Management from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Puerto Rico, her homeland.

Rebecca is passionate about identifying unidentified needs, solving problems through human-centered design solutions, and leading others to do the same.

Head of Innovation at MJV USA

MJV is structured around 5 pillars that work in complete synergy while always keeping human centrality in the foreground

Development and implementation of positive impact solutions, considering aspects of the entire ecosystem, looking at business, people, and the planet.

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Free Webinar | November 10th